Target Tracker has been actively working with Interm IT over the past 3 years to make the CC3/CC4 installations of the Target Tracker range of products on school RM networks as painless as possible.

Interm IT have been supplied with pre-release copies of the software so that they can prepare their network installs prior to the full release of Target Tracker products. Interm IT have had access to Target Tracker development team so that they understand the underlying requirements of the Target Tracker products.

Dave Martland, Target Tracker

Over my years at Essex LA and now as an independent consultant I visit many schools. Many employ Brett, and his company IntermIT Essex Ltd as their technical support company and always find him efficient, courteous, extremely knowedgeable and willing to go ‘that extra mile’ to ensure the network is fit for purpose for the pupils. I never hesitate to recommend him to schools looking for a technical support company.

Debbie Schofield, ICT Inspires

We have been working closely with Brett and his team at Interm IT (Essex) for a number of years now and we appreciate all their hard work and unwavering professionalism. I would recommend them to any organisation seeking a cost-effective and responsive out-sourced provider.

Jon-Paul Bishop, Cablers Ltd

Interm IT (Essex) are a friendly, helpful technical support company who have worked with the school since we opened in 2009. ICT has been an integral part of our educational vision and we have a comprehensive network of machines which require regular maintenance. As a company they have always been reliable and their staff communicate well with our staff to ensure the system is maintained and any problems are quickly resolved.

Craig Duncan, Head Teacher, Queen Boudica Primary School