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"On 9 March I published a statement about Interm IT (UK) Ltd which was unjustified and unsubstantiated. I apologise unreservedly for the statement and any previous statements that i may have made about that company"...
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Health and Safety

Server rooms are important areas of schools that require regular maintenance. School server room maintenance helps to retain ICT performance, conserve the condition of your equipment and minimise the impact of disasters. Server rooms house a wealth of electrical equipment which generates a significant amount of heat. As a result they can be the origin of fires that spread across surrounding buildings. Below are some tips to ensure that your...
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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

ICT disaster recovery solution Is your school protected from a ransomware attack? Ensuring business continuity for your school, we offer an affordable disaster recovery solution to backup, secure and restore data in the event of an attack from ransomware, such as the CryptoLocker. Backup as much data as you need on site, where it is out of reach of virtual threats, if you need help developing a continuity plan the please...
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Ransomware – Malware

As you will doubtless have seen over the last few months there has been a major worldwide increase in malware attacks in schools, Whilst currently the victims of the attacks are not within educational establishments (although there has been in the past) there remains a risk that this or other future efforts may well target the education sector. Microsoft have launched a number of patches over the...
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