Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Server rooms are important areas of schools that require regular maintenance.

School server room maintenance helps to retain ICT performance, conserve the condition of your equipment and minimise the impact of disasters.

Server rooms house a wealth of electrical equipment which generates a significant amount of heat. As a result they can be the origin of fires that spread across surrounding buildings.

Below are some tips to ensure that your school server room is tidy and hazard free:

Store paper, boxes and other flammable items away from the server equipment
Keep hardware such as computer fans free from dust
Cable entanglements can be trip hazards. Ensure these are logically placed and cable tidies are used where possible
Do not use server rooms as storage cupboards. Store non-ICT related equipment elsewhere
Each afternoon, and especially before the school closes for the weekend, ensure that the ICT server and switch rooms are checked to ensure clean and tidy
Make all staff aware of the dangers of untidy server rooms and ICT suites to ensure vigilance across the school