ICT Emergencies

Rapid Response for School ICT Emergencies

This ICT Support service we provide is for the time when you need us NOW!  An emergency has occurred and needs fixing immediately. Our Rapid Response service has had a positive effect, allowing problems to be solved quickly.

Remote Access

We have Remote Access to the majority of our schools. We provide this service because the benefits are worth their weight in gold. We can remote into your school from our office and often if there is a problem we can fix it without coming out to the school, we would only charge for the time that we had the session open for at our std rate, We would only use the remote service if requested to do so.

OFSTED Supervision

The benefit to you is that you can have a Technician on site whilst your Ofsted is being carried out. How would that feel? Knowing that, should something go wrong, your Technician can put things right immediately

If you need us NOW ring 01268 440949 or 07801 768778 immediately.