IT solutions for Education

We are happy to announce that we are able to now provide an ict education solution tailored to you're personal requirements, We conduct a software audit and map it to the current curriculum framework & a hardware audit to identify any potential issues. We have based the network upon Microsoft® Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016 and accompanied by Dell Power Edge Servers, The package includes:-

AB tutor Remote Control, teacher have full control over ICT in the Classroom or ICT Suite, allowing the teacher to monitor and control what pupils are doing.

share your screen with the whole class or an individual
record and replay sessions
exhibit student screens to the whole class
watch/share control/take entire control of students computers
transfer files between computers
chat with or message individuals/groups or the entire class
use speakers/microphones to communicate – ideal for remote technical staff to assist
open applications or files for students on their machines
immediately block access to/or lock all workstation
screen capture
scan through students computers in real time
set up approved and restricted websites and applications for the lesson
whiteboard facility which is fully interactive to the whole class

Remote Support & Monitoring

to date we have over 100 successful implementations and have received some great feedback from our customer's

Lorraine Ramet
It's a million times faster to logon than our previous ergo network

Daren Smith
"For the first time we have been able to use all of our laptops at the same time for the first time in years"

Some of our previous projects tied us in with Essex County Council on various new build primary schools one such school was Chipping Hill School they were in the process of moving from the old to the new we provided consultancy services to Wendy Walker the HT in how and where the best places would be to fit the Interactive Whiteboards and digital Signage, We worked with Jon Sly on the classroom design process and best practices and uses of the ICT investment that they were about to purchase.

Interm IT Essex are able to provide many other installation options, ranging from Audio Visual, One Lan, Digital Signage and Interactive Smartboard Installation Options, Clever Touch & BenQ touch screen solutions, Visualisers, Workstations, Laptops, Tablets, Netbooks and Apple iPad education Solutions.

We can also provide design and install complete Benching and Teacher Stations to suit your requirements, to assisting with new build processes.