Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet apps are catching up fast

Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet apps are catching up fast

Have a look at these lists of the best available apps for education on the different tablet platforms; iPad/iOS, Windows 8 and Android.

Apps for iPads in education

iMovie (create and edit movies including movie trailers)
Keynote (Alternative to Powerpoint)
Pages (Alternative to Word/publisher)
Numbers (Alternative to Excel but more limited)
Book Creator (create ebooks with all types of media embedded inside)
Garageband (create and edit music)
Morfo (take still images and create talking heads)
Strip Designer (create comic books using photos or drawings)
QR Reader (Create and read QR codes)
MyScript Calculator (hand draw your maths sums which the iPad then calculates)
iBooks (read ebooks, add bookmarks and notes)
Explain Everything (create video presentations for flipping the classroom)
iMindMapHD (Digital mind mapping)
Stop Motion Studio (create still frame animations)
Showbie (assign, collect and review students work)
Aurasma (create videos that load when you scan over objects)
Socrative Student (interactive lessons with live feedback from students)
Puppet Pals (create animations with voiceovers)
iTunes U (Resources for schools created by educational orgainsations)
Popplet (visually capture mind maps)

Apps for Windows 8 Tablets (not including desktop apps)

Elecom QR Tools (for creating and reading QR codes)
Arcsoft Showbiz (Video editing and production)
Fresh Paint (Art on a tablet)
Flash Quiz (Create and share flash cards for revision)
Kodu (Create and code 3D games, excellent for the Computing Corriculum)
Voice & Pen (Excellent app for supporting the flipped classroom. Allows you to
record your voice whilst creating drawings and diagrams.)
Megatube (download Youtube videos)
CreateBook (Similar to Book Creator on the iPad, create ebooks with video, sound and links)
Bing Translator (translate langauges using augmented reality)
Drawboard PDF (annotate and amend pdf documents)
Nearpod (create interactive presentations with built in assessment)
Cool Collage (create simple collages)
One Note (bring all your notes together in any form of media)
Sidebar Dictionary (Have a dictionary open whilst working)
Tile A File (add important documents to your home screen)
Adobe Photoshop express (edit and improve images)
Movie Edit Touch (alternative video editing software)
Send to QR (share web links as Qr codes via the Share charm)
Novamind (digital mind mapping)
Toolbox (open multiple tools like a calculator, voice recorder and web browser on one screen)

Apps for Android in Education...

Magisto (Similar to iMovie, but with more themes and music choices, storage on
Google Drive, and sharing by email and social media)
Pocket Band (similar to Garage Band)
DuoLingo (a fantastic and 100% free language learning app. Great forKS2,3,and 4)
Create a Comic (comic strip maker)
Simple Note (note taking in the run, and plenty of export options)
Quick Office (productivity tools which let you view, create and edit Microsoft office and view
and annotate. PDF files. Connects to Google Drive for storage and management. Can be set
to allow off-line functionality)
Science Penguin (Science resources for KS2 and 3)
Periodic Table (Chemistry facts, video good for KS3 and 4)
iStoryBooks - (a collection of reading books for young children - KS1 many are factual and
free although there is premium content which can be paid for )
TED (always a great source of interesting talks for KS4/5)
Google Translate - (has offline functionality and will translate from images as well as text and voice)
QR Code reader
Fancy QR Code Maker (makes brilliant design coloured QR codes)
PicSay Photo Editor (colour correct photos and add effects, word balloons, graphics etc)
National Geographic (always a fascinatingly brilliant experience. Great for lesson starters and
discussion points, as well as a source of Flipped Classroom materials on virtually everything todo with our planet)
Discovery News ( From the Discovery Channel. As with Nat Geographic, a brilliant source of learning materials)
NASA (A great collection of apps about the history of space exploration as well as up to date news
from the Mars Rover and webcams on the ISS. NasaTube has every launch live!)
Kids Paint (finger painting type app - great for KS1 and 2 kids for developing hand-eye coordination)
Convert Pad (a units converter tool)
Sound Recorder ((great for quick-fire observations and useful for recapping learning objectives or
for taking home to help with work on essays or projects)